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The Daytona Beach, Chapter 154, of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc. (NAWCC) is dedicated to preserving the history, art and science of timekeeping (horology). NAWCC is a nonprofit scientific organization that serves as a unique educational, cultural, and social resource for its membership and the public at large.
Our members include hobbyists, students, educators, casual collectors, clock makers, watch makers, jewelers and professionals in related retail and manufacturing trades.

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Meeting & Mart

“Watches and Clocks
 Road Show”

January 18, 2015 (Sunday)

Doors Open at 9:00 AM

Meeting Place:

Duff's Original Buffet
2400 S. Ridgewood Ave. (US1)
South Daytona, FL 32119

(in the Sunshine  Park Mall)

Speaker: Ken Hogwood

Ken Hogwood is a member of the Publications Advisory and Review Board for the Bulletin. He is currently a member of Chapters 42, 154, 159 & 195, and has been a member of the NAWCC since 1999. Ken is a collector, researcher and restorer of antique carriage clocks.  Many members may know Ken from his efforts to enroll new members in the new international on-line chapter #195 “The Carriage Way” at NAWCC National events, Regional events, and Chapter meetings. He also serves as a director of Chapter 195.

Program: A Visit with the Willard Family

Most clock enthusiasts know about some of the great clocks made by the Willards, but some members of the Willard family led historically interesting lives not associated with clock making. For instance, Benjamin, Simon and Aaron, Sr. all had a brief enlistment in the Continental Army. Aaron was given the rank of Captain by General George Washington, and he also served as a spy. Did you know Simon Willard and Thomas Jefferson were personal friends and Simon was a frequent visitor to Monticello?

Show and Tell: Any member or guest can bring a horological item, or related item, to the meeting and show it off and tell about it. We have had some very interesting items over the years, and the sky is the limit.

Silent Auction: Any member or guest can bring horological items, or related items, to the meeting and place them into our Silent Auction ($1.00 for each item/or lot). The starting price (reserve price) is stated by the seller. Any member , or guest, can bid on any item that is listed in our Silent Auction.


Duff's Original Buffet
2400 S. Ridgewood Ave. (US1)
South Daytona, FL 32119

(in the Sunshine
 Park Mall)

Phone: 386-788-0828



Chapter 154's Continuing Efforts to Service and Restore Daytona Beach's famous Coquina Clock Tower

March 21, 2008 marked the completion of the 2007/2008 clockworks replacement project when city workers from Daytona Beach started up the new motors and Jim  Ziesler and Tom Bransford, Chapter 154 members, put the new hour and minute hands on the four dials of the Coquina Clock Tower. The tower is now telling time once again.

The Symbol of Chapter 154
Coquina Clock Tower in Ocean Front Park - Daytona Beach, FL

NAWCC Chapter 154 Officers (2015)

                                 Video made by the Daytona Beach News-Journal: "Clock Shop"

                        featuring Chapter 154 member: Tom Bransford

                     To view the video click on the following icon:


Video featuring Chapter 154 member Tom Bransford, “Tom Keeps Time Ticking” made by the Growing Bolder Media Group of Orlando, Florida

“Tom Keeps Time Clicking” video link

clock shop.wmv

“Watches and Clocks Road Show”

Sunday, January 18, 2015

If you would like to show and discuss your watches and/or clocks to our knowledgeable members, bring them to our “Watches and Clocks Road Show” for an evaluation. Note: this evaluation is not an appraisal. Our members have extensive experience with watches and clocks and will talk to you, and advise you, about various topics including: ‘is your item in need of repair’, ‘is your item worth repairing’, ‘is your item in need of restoration’, ‘is your item worth restoring’, ‘history’, and the all-important subject of ‘desirability in today’s market.’

If you want to join us for a Full Buffet Lunch: $15.00 per person.


Duff's Original Buffet
2400 S. Ridgewood Ave. (US1)
South Daytona, FL 32119
(in the Sunshine Park Mall)

Time: 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Contact Us:

Phone: (386) 439-2459


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2015 Chapter 154 Meetings & Marts

-- January 18, 2015 (Sunday)
* Speaker: Ken Hogwood
Program: “A Visit with the
Willard Family”

-- March 22, 2015 (Sunday)
* Speaker: Roger Moses
Program: “Demonstration of a Work Holding Device used for securing small, round and hard to hold pieces for clock repairing”

-- May 16, 2015 (Saturday)
* Speaker: Randy Jaye
Program: “The Pocket Watch: Yesteryear and Today”

-- July 19, 2015 (Sunday)
* Speaker: To Be Announced
Program: To Be Announced

-- September 20, 2015 (Sunday)
* Speaker: To Be Announced
Program: To Be Announced

-- November 15, 2015 (Sunday)
* Speaker: Ken Pell
Program: “Measurements used in Watch and Clock Repair”

2015 Chapter 154 Social Events

-- February 15 , 2015 (Sunday)
To Be Announced

-- April 18, 2015 (Saturday)
To Be Announced

-- June 21 , 2015 (Sunday)
To Be Announced

-- August 15, 2015 (Saturday)
To Be Announced

-- October 18 , 2015 (Sunday)
To Be Announced

-- December 20, 2015 (Sunday)
Holiday Party: at Duff’s Original Buffet in South Daytona, FL